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All-New Loyalty Program

The Kind Buds Club is your ticket to a good time. When you become a loyalty member, you get: awesome rewards, early access to limited promotions, exclusive access to members-only merch, and so much more.

Signing up is easy—click the button below, fill in your information, and start collecting points!

Kind Buds Perks

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100 Point Sign-Up Bonus

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150 Point Referral Bonus

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Birthday Discount

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Exclusive Access

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Rare Drops

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Limited Promotions

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Higher Love Merch

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How Does it Work?

Reward Tiers

150 Points = $10

1,000 Points = $110

250 Points = $20

2,000 Points = $200

500 Points = $50

5,000 Points = $500

750 Points = $75

10,000 Points = $1,000

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why is my point balance different than before?
As a member of the Kind Buds Club, your Higher Love loyalty points are now 4x as valuable as they were before. While point balances have been adjusted, the dollar value held remains the same.
2How do I access my wallet?
Easy! Please follow this link to access your existing wallet or create a new account.
3Who can join the Kind Buds Club?
Anyone who's a fan of Higher Love and is 21 years or older.
4Do I still need to pay tax on purchases made with points?
Yes, unfortunately you will still need to pay the sales tax for orders placed using loyalty points.
5Can I redeem points online and in-store?
Yes! You can both earn and redeem points when placing an order online or at any Higher Love location.
6How soon do I need to pick up my online order to redeem points?
Any points redeemed while placing an online order will be forfeited if the order is not picked up within 24 hours.
7Who do I contact if I experience an issue with my points or wallet?
If you have any issues with your loyalty points, rewards, or wallet, you can fill out the contact form on our site or call your local Higher Love store.

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