Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping at Higher Love

1How old do I need to be to shop at Higher Love?
Sorry! All customers must be at least 21 or the holder of a medical card.
2Do you have an ATM on-site?
Yes, each of our locations have a safe and secure ATM located onsite, inside our building.
3What do I need to bring to shop at Higher Love?
Please bring a state issued form of identification, i.e, Drivers License, Passport, etc.
4Do you offer delivery?
While we do not offer delivery at this time, we encourage you to take advantage of our online ordering system. You can utilize it for easy in-store or curbside pickup.
5Do you accept debit / ATM cards?
We do accept debit/ATM cards through a cashless ATM. Fees may apply.
6Is there a limit to the amount of cannabis that I can purchase?
There is a 2.5oz limit per transaction, in which only 15g can be of concentrate, and unlimited transactions per day
7What is the tax rate on cannabis?
The Marijuana Excise tax is 10% and the Michigan Sales tax is 6%.
8How do I see the latest deals & promotions?
The best way to find up-to-date information on our current deals & promotions is to visit one of our store menu pages by selecting your store in the "Order Now" tab of our website menu.
9Are your stores recreational, medical, or both?
Our Crystal Falls location offers both recreational and medical sales, all other locations are only recreational.
10Will the current promotion apply to my order if I do not pick it up today?
Any order picked up following the expiration of a promotion will be at regular price.

Loyalty (Kind Buds Club)

1Who can join the Kind Buds Club?
Anyone who's a fan of Higher Love and is 21 years or older.
2How do I join the Kind Buds Club?
Easy! Head over to our "Get Rewards" page to sign up in a flash!
3Do I still need to pay tax on purchases made with points?
Yes, unfortunately you will still need to pay the sales tax for orders placed using loyalty points.
4Can I redeem points online and in-store?
You can both earn and redeem points.
5How soon do I need to pick up my online order to redeem points?
Any points redeemed while placing an online order will be forfeited if the order is not picked up within 24 hours.
6Who do I contact if I experience an issue with my points or wallet?
If you have any issues with your loyalty points, rewards, or wallet, you can fill out the contact form on our site or call your local Higher Love store.

Menominee Drive-Thru Only Location

1How do I purchase cannabis from the new Menominee drive-thru location
Easy! The best(and fastest) way to achieve this is by placing an online order for pickup. *BONUS: If you order ahead and spend $25 or more, you save $5 automatically (one redemption per guest, per day)!!!
2How do I place an order if I do not go online?
Pull up to a designated lane for on-site ordering and one of our friendly team members will assist you.
3How can I pay for my order upon arrival?
We are proud to accept both cash and debit at our drive-thru!
4What if I have questions or need to speak to someone?
No problem, we've got your back! Our team members are always available to help and direct you to the on-site ordering lane to have staff assist you further.
5Can I open my products or sample them in the car?
Consumption of any purchased product is strictly prohibited on all Higher Love property and will result in immediate removal from the premises.

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