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Higher Love receives Clean Green certificate

Ottawa Innovations (the cultivation arm of Higher Love Cannabis Co.) has officially become the first cannabis producer in the U.P. to receive the Clean Green certification. While many of the organic foods that we love are distinguished via an official U.S. Department of Agriculture certification, there is no federal equivalent for cannabis. The Clean Green Certification Program was created in 2004 to remedy precisely this issue and hold those in the cannabis market to exact, high standards.

Higher Love grand opening in Norway

“I’m over the moon to be settling into the city of Norway,” said Joni Moore, Higher Love president. “This tight-knit community aligns with our own values of family, friends, laughter, nature, health and well-being.” Moore added, “That cooperative Yooper spirit is what has attracted us to Norway and is what we’re looking forward to nurturing in our participation here.”

Higher Love celebrates one year of business in Ironwood

Director of Special Operations Trisha Anderson said the community support so far has been amazing. “It’s been an amazing year we’ve had so much support from the community, and it has been an absolute ride,” said Anderson. “We have been So busy, and I can’t thank the staff more for doing everything that they do every day, and the community has been so supportive of us.”

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